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West Bengal Hill Stations

West Bengal Hill Stations

Darjeeling Darjeeling,  Darjeeling Hill station, east india hill stations

The famous hill station Darjeeling has been called the queen of hill-stations. This town is famous for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site across the globe.MORE...

Kalimpong Kalimpong, Kalimpong Hill station, East india hill stations

The climate of Kalimpong bright attracted the British, who later established their settlements there. The old church, the house of Graham, Morgan Casa de Campo golf course still retain the memory of the British Empire. MORE...

Mirik Mirik, Mirik Hill station, East india hill stations

A new tourist destination, Mirik came i the tourist map of Darjeeling district only in 1970. Mirik has what it takes to attract tourists, is surrounded by forests, flowers and is a very peaceful place that attracts.MORE...