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Maharashtra Hill Stations

Maharashtra Hill Stations

Lonavala Lonavala, Lonavala Hill station, West india hill stations

Located in the green hills of Sahyadri, Lonavala is at an altitude of 625 m and is the destination for weekend's most popular Mumbai and Pune. Known as the jewel of the Sahyadri it gives wood natural tourist and valleys, MORE...

Khandala Khandala, Khandala Hill station, West india hill stations

Khandala is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra Sahyadri mountains and is located 5 km from Lonavala, but another popular hill getaway. Located at an altitude of 625 feet, this quiet hill town is a weekend by the residents of Mumbai and Pune.MORE...

Mahabaleshwar Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar Hill station, West india hill stations

Mahabaleshwar hill is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters on the mountains of Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Placid lakes, green hills and waterfalls throughout Mahabaleshwar it a popular destination among visitors. MORE...

Mount Abu Mount Abu, Mount Abu Hill station, West india hill stations

Mount Abu is a hill station in Rajasthan (India), located in the center of the country, which is the thin desert in practice. When it was Rishi Munis home and meditate. According to legend, the name means son of Abu Himalayan name Arbuada. MORE...

Amboli Amboli, Amboli Hill station, West india hill stations

Amboli is a mountain resort in the grip of peace and tranquility. Located at an altitude of 690 m, Ambola is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This is the last mountain resort before the coastal plain of south are Sahyadri hills. MORE...

Panchagani Panchagani, Panchagani hill station, West India Hill staions

Panchgani is known for good schools. There are a few of the best boarding schools in this beautiful mountain resort. Panchgani has many old buildings from colonial and Parsi houses that are worth visiting.MORE...

Matheran Matheran, Matheran Hill station, West india hill stations

Matheran was discovered by Hugh Malet in 1850. The British developed Matheran as a popular tourist resort. At an elevation of around 800m (2,625 ft) above sea level Matheran is a hill station located about 100 km from Mumbai. MORE...

Malshejghat Malshejghat, Malshejghat Hill Station, West India Hill Stations

Located 154 km from Mumbai and three hours later, Malshejghat is a popular tourist destination and the hill station. It is surrounded by Western Ghats and the dense green forest, home to hundreds of plants and animals.MORE...

Panhala Panhala, Panhala Hill Station, West India Hill Station

Almost all travel packages to include a trip to Panhala . The Ambarkhana was built by the Marathas and is home to the palace, the administrative department and in the barn. MORE...

Chikhaldara Chikhaldara, Chikhaldara Hill station, West india hill stations

Chikhaldhara is the only hill station in the Vidarbha region. It is situated at an altitude of 1,118 m and offers abundant wildlife, beautiful lakes and waterfalls.MORE...